This video is part of Level 3 of CoordiKindy. The children have been developing through Level 1 (focused on Sensory processing) and Level 2 (Focused on muscle tone, balance, core muscles and body awareness) to Level 3 (focused on brain bridging, including bilateral movements, crossing the midline of the body, rhythm, concept of direction and oral motor movements).

The example in the video includes bilateral movements and an exercise to encourage the concept of laterality (left-right recognition). Rhythm and listening to a beat are important elements to ensure optimal concentration in any classroom. The children listen to a rhythm and move to the beat, following the model in the video.

The oral motor exercises can be adapted to different activities that involve sucking and blowing. Mouth and jaw muscles are strong muscles and are used to help the child towards self-regulation and optimal concentration. Difficulty with accurate mouth, tongue and jaw movements can impact on clarity of speech.

The teacher will have time to observe the children and to identify if any children have problems with this stage of development. Problems can be addressed by repeating the exercises, by asking parents to practice at home or by repeating previous levels of exercises to ensure optimal development of the foundational phases of growth.